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how to choose a safe

A Safe For The Home Market

Precious items, weapons, jewelry, cameras, passports and cash are some of the items that private clients wish to keep in a safe.

Existing Solutions:
Wall safes – should be fixed into the wall with concrete while the house is being built.
External safes – with digital or key locks (these safes should be fixed to the wall or to the floor with anchors from within the safe’s inner cavity). The obvious advantages of this solution are the safe’s size and accessibility.
What should be noticed while purchasing a safe for your home?
Product liability, thickness of the safe’s walls (in an external safe), latch set, ease of use, highest support and service level .
A Safe for the Business Market
In the current competitive market, secured data is one of the higest challenges. Business documents, commercial and industrial secrets, valuable objects, magnetic media, software, computers and cash are only some of the things that businesses would like to keep secured in a safes.

Existing Solutions:

  • Heavy safes
  • Personal electronic safes for managers/ secretaries
  • Fireproof safes/ cabinets for documents
  • Fireproof and moisture proof safes/ cabinets for magnetic media
  • Cabinets for weapons and drugs
  • Doors for weapon rooms and vaults
  • Security fixtures for desktop computers and laptops, and more
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