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Hazor safes - safes protection solutions | Customer Service: 972-72-2470141

Welcome to the website of Hatzor Safes, one of the leading companies in the field of security products and safes. The company develops, manufactures and sells its products to institutions, businesses and individuals throughout the world.

The company is committed to the highest standards of manufacturing and service. Our products include all types of safes for homes and for businesses, fireproof safes for documents and magnetic media, protection products for computers and designated products for institutions.

We provide solutions for purposes:

Range of solutions:

• Keeping valuables, documents, weapons ,expensive equipment.

• Privacy and confidentiality within easy access.

• Command and control of internal and external business Against misuse of funds / assets of the business.

• Protection of paperwork, magnetic media and other From fire heat and humidity.Protect desktop and notebook from theft.

Physical security solutions – a variety of safes that meet all needs, requirements and standards:

•Fireproof safes for documents and magnetic media

•Professional anti break-in safes

•Computer safeguarding

•Personal safes for managers and functionaries in the organization

•Home safes

Safes are buying a reliable manufacturer - "safes Hazor"

Hazor safes offers the following protection solutions:

For businesses, institutions and factories – a wide range of personal heavy safes, fireproof safes, security products for computers and designated products such as weapon and key lockers, lockable storage compartments, safety doors, and more. We are prepared to meet the needs of its customers.

For homes – electronic and mechanical safes for securing valuables such as: jewelry, cash, passports, important documents, cameras, and so on. We have safes for almost any requirement.

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