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15 Years of Leading the Security and Protection Products Market

: Hatzor Safes has developed and patented the world’s first credit card safe. The first safes have been installed in the Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas.

1991: The Company has completed an advanced product line of electronic safes for hotels and offices and hes established a marketing and sales organization throughout the world.

1993: The Company has expanded its product line.

1995: Hatzor Safes has become one of the leading companies in the world for electronic safes for hotels and cruise ships and it achieves the standing of an authorized supplier from the largest hotel networks in the world.

2002: Hatzor Safes has entered the field of computer protection in order to provide a solution to the wave of private computers and servers burglary.

2003: The Company has launched a new line of electronic safes.

2004: Hatzor Safes has expanded its product line and reinforces its standing as a leading supplier of safes and security products.

Today: Hatzor Safes is the most advanced and reliable supplier in the business and institutional markets for security products.

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